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For this berry, which is undemanding in care and cultivation, some sun and periodic feeding is enough to delight us with good harvests and fragrant fruits. Current varieties are able to bring producers up to 4−5 kg of berries from a bush.
We export raspberry seedlings from leading European manufacturers. The best varieties, high quality, favorable price.
Delivery terms
Seedlings in pots (long Cane) 1.8l / 2 shoots, 350-400 pcs. per box, 26 boxes per truck.
Delivery timeframe
When to order raspberry seedlings? The main type of planting material for raspberries in the Netherlands are plants in 1.8l and 2.3l pots with long shoots. The process of growing this type of planting material (long cane) takes more than a year. Plants must be ordered at least 1 year before the planned delivery. When ordering a batch of more than 25,000 plants, the order must be made even earlier — almost 1.5 years before the date of the planned delivery. Raspberry seedlings, regardless of the size of the batch, can be ordered from January to the end of March of the current year in order to receive planting material starting from January of the next year.
Use the catalog, where you will find not only all raspberry varieties, but also answers to frequently asked questions.
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