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So called "plastic" strawberries vanish into oblivion. Today varieties of strawberries are juicy, fragrant, sweet berries at any time of the year.
High-quality seedlings from the leading European manufacturers will bring you good harvests and many enthusiastic reviews from grateful customers.
Delivery terms
The minimum order for planting material of strawberries is 1 pallet.
Delivery timeframe
The use of high-quality planting material is a guarantee of the successful harvest. Book seedlings of strawberries of the varieties you need on time so that the laying of plantations in the season takes place without failures and delays. By booking strawberry planting material until the end of January (tray, minitray) and until the end of April (frigo), you are guaranteed to receive first-class seedlings and successfully start the planting season.
Use the catalog, where you will find not only all strawberry varieties, but also answers to frequently asked questions.
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